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Ich interessiere mich fuer bio Resin, ich hab eine paar Firma (in USA und Australia) gefunden, die bio Resin verkaufen. Ich habe gefragt ob das Resin 100% bio war und die Antworte war: Bio resin hat zwischen 30-60% bio komponenten deswegen es ist nicht 100% ungiftig.
Dear Dave,
Thanks for contacting us and for your interest in SuperSap Sustainable Epoxy!
SuperSap has been designed based on four main criteria: Bio Content, Performance, Price and Working times. The final product is balance between all these, in order to offer good performance of the final product, reasonable working times (since nature is patience and the higher the bio, the longer the times and also lower the Tg's and final mechanical properties), bio content to replace traditional chemistry, and finally an afordable price.
Thus our Bio level right now goes from 30-60%, but not 100% due to what I have explain, since we have tested 100% and so far can not offer the performance that our customers expect and the price is quite high.
Thus the existing SuperSap systems allow to reduce CO2 footprint, since per each Kg traditional epoxy that is replaced there are 4Kg of green house effect less in the atmosphere, and also less chemicals also means less harmful, but still the non bio part has its toxicity.
I hope I have explain shortly but clearly what SuperSap is, and you can get it directly in our on-line shop: shop.entropyresins.eu since we can ship to Germany from our warehouse in Holland, and if you are in Italy from Barcelona.
For larger volumes we are discussing with distributors in Germany at this present time, and in Italy is Resintex.
Thanks in advance and Have a nice weekend.

Jaime Ferrer-Dalmau

European Distribution Manager

Kennt jemand 100% bio resin?
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